Dragons Red Sky: An abstract created in Photoshop & Correll KPT-6. Manipulating colors and shapes and depth.

This song is on the album Photograph Instrumentals III.

MODO: This song was inspired by the Eyewear Company called MODO. I was driving the clients to the LA Convention Center. On the way I overheard the people talking about their new web sight. I asked if they are looking for soundtrack material. I showed them some tracks I was currently working on. They were impressed. I dropped them and went back to my studio and proceeded to track this piece. At the end of the day it was done. I went back to pick up my clients and in route back to their hotel I played them this track. They loved it and wanted it. I asked how much? They said for free? Needless to say, No deal was made this day. A track made special for an Eyewear Company.

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