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Nucci Solazzo Artwork

I can remember back in 1978 I really got into the arts, drawing & painting with my teacher Mrs. Robin Lane at the Phelps Private School in Malvern Pennsylvania. I even got to leave my mark on the Art Classroom Door entitled:  \”Cries Over New York\”. After graduation in 1980, I left to Europe for a two year study in Switzerland.  I did some drawings and designs while as an apprentice in the embroidery industry.  Not since I came to California in 1985 where my art took a turn.  It was just before 911 when I had purchased a computer and found myself with programs like Photoshop and Corral KPT6 to enhance my creativity in the art of drawing and digital painting. This made my art come alive. Which now can be seen on Fine Art America. 

All of Nucci\’s  artwork on this site can be made into these cool useful items. When viewing the artwork in our posts just click the green Purchase Options Button. Click to view all of Nucci\’s artwork.