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Nucci Solazzo Music

1: Feedback 1983 / Great Guildersleeves / N.Y.C. 

2: Feedback 1984 / S.N.A.F.U. / N.Y.C. 

3: Lost Pilots 1987 / FM Station / No Hollywood, CA 

4: Lost Pilots 1987 / Palomino / No. Hollywood, CA 

5 & 6 Immortals 1990 / Sash / Studio City, CA 

7: Feedback 2006 / Time Out / St. Gallen, Switzerland 

8: Deborah Hanan 2016 / Lost Room / Echo Park, CA 

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Performance with Phil Gates Band at Blues Night Festival, Gossau, Switzerland, July 7th, 2018

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Super8 Movie filmed on the homeless in NYC & LA in 1986.
Song by: Nucci Solazzo recorded at Blue Dragon Studio LA, CA
Guitarist: Russell Mines

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My First Wedding Song

Written in 1997 from the inspiration, hearing the story of love from my friend Joe Lando.
Telling me how he was going to propose to his girlfriend that evening.
Since then I have preformed Baby It’s U at many weddings and to many loves in my life.
I hope you will enjoy it too.

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A story of Love lost. That crazy turmoil in dating and not really knowing what is ahead.

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Night Moves Nucci Solazzo
Back Again: All parts by Nucci Solazzo
Endless Dreamer: All parts by Nucci Solazzo
Sexy Talk: All parts by Nucci Solazzo
Anthem (I’m Coming Home):
Dena Pacitti / Vocalist
Phil Gates / Guitarist
Baby Its You:
Dena Pacitti / Ld Vocalist
C C Powell / Guitarist
Recorded at: DCT Productions
Phil Gates / Guitarist
Debbie Patterson / Vocalist
Chris Austin / Violinist 
Venetia Phillips / Trumpet
In D’Groove:
Phil Gates / Guitarist
RoXxi Dott / Vocalist
Beverly Dott / Sopken Word
Venetia Phillips / Trumpet, Trombone & Flugel Horn
Phil Gates / Guitarist
Max A Million:
Phil Gates / Guitarist
R-U-Ready (Video Cut):
Tina Latora / Ld Vocalist
Spider Middleman / Saxophone

Razzell Frazzell (I’m Going Up-I’m Coming Down):
Phil Gates / Guitarist

Copyright 2019 All Rights Reserved Big Nucci Publishing, LLC

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Love & Sex by Nucci Solazzo

3000 Miles Away: All Parts By Nucci Solazzo

Break of Dawn: All Parts By Nucci Solazzo

Castles by the Sea: All Parts By Nucci Solazzo

Izzy Squeeze: All Parts By Nucci Solazzo

Red My Boo: All Parts By Nucci Solazzo

This Ain’t No Rap Baby: All Parts By Nucci Solazzo

1 More Day in LA:

C C Powell / Bass

Dancing Whales:

Russell Mines / Guitar


Phil Gates / Guitar

LoVe & SeX:

C C Powell / Guitar

Copyright 2019 All Rights Reserved Big Nucci Publishing, LLC

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Nucci (pronounced Noochee) Solazzo, first hit the scene in 1974 when his brothers began playing Guitar & Drums. Nucci’s job was to hold down the bottom playing bass, and he’s been doing that ever since. Since 1975 Nucci has been performing and recording music. From grade school performing on stage as a member of a four piece local Rock & Roll Group called Venom, covering an array of groups like: Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, Rolling Stones and other Rock & Blues greats. Becoming a Bass player of note, Nucci played through his school years, then in 1980 he went to Europe & played Rock & Roll in many clubs in Switzerland. Bands that Nucci played with always found him an important part of the rhythm section. Not only was playing live something he enjoyed, but he became an ace in the studio as well, and when he would quickly lock in with drummers during sessions he got him the nick-name as “One take Nooch”.

Then, after his time in Europe, he came back to the states to play clubs from New York to L.A.- with an assortment of bands from R&B to Alternative, Rock & Pop. Presently, Nucci’s time is split between writing not only many songs of different genre’s of music, but children’s stories, like “The Adventures of Miss B.B.” a Christmas story for all ages, and playing bass and owning and operating Blue Dragon Studios, a private recording facility in Santa Monica CA.  As always, Nucci continues his search for new and exciting sounds and ideas.

In 2016, Nucci reconnected with former band mate from Lost Pilots, Deborah Hanan. Currently, they are working in studio cultivating new songs of Deborah’s for release and upcoming performances in 2019-2020.