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Nucci Solazzo born: Stephan Michael Solazzo. Grew up in Alpine, New Jersey.
Studied: from 1977-80′ Alpine Public School, Fort Lee High School, Admiral Farragut Navel Academy in Toms River, N.J. & then graduated  from the Phelps School in Malvern, Pennsylvania.

From 1980 -82′ Apprenticed in St. Gallen, Switzerland. In the family business at Bischoff Textiles AG and then a 9 month intensive course at the Schweizerisch / Deutsche Stickerei-Fachschule. (the International School for Swiss Embroidery).
On the weekends my brother Christian, whom was studding in Milan, Italy. Came to town and we put a rock band together called: FEEDBACK. My brother on Lead Guitar and Vocals. I was on Electric Bass Guitar. With a Swiss Drummer knocking out Covers and Original Rock & Roll Songs.

In 1982 I returned back to the US. Resided in Fort Lee, New Jersey. Worked for Marimar Textile and All American Emblem Textiles. At the weekend nights performed music again with my brother.

In January, 1985 I decided to move to Los Angeles, California to pursue a music career as a bass guitar player. Playing in an assortment of bands covering styles as diverse as Rhythm and Blues, Alternative, Rock and Pop. By putting on full production shows of music, I got immersed in set design, choreography, and staging. Today I own and operate my own home recording facility.

I ventured into the writing genre several years back, composing a children’s Audio CD book called: “The Adventures of Miss BB”  a Christmas story for all ages that has art and music to accompany it.

A year before 9/11, I was looking for a new instrument. A music sampler machine. A friend convinced me to purchase a computer instead. That computer became a tool that changed the course of my music and art life. This was a new way to stimulate my creative juices. I was in an environment that inspired me to also do digital art. I drew from my rich background in music, art, and textiles to create these rich images. Which now can be viewed online. My imagination is my palette. The images in my artwork are rich with color and content.

Today I am turning my Children’s Story into a Musical. “Night Before Christmas Eve.”